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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep Windows 10 up to date on my scope?
Updating Windows 10 Using Windows Update By default, Windows 10 will attempt to automatically keep itself up to date with the latest critical security patches, but it will not install optional updates.? To ensure Windows 10 receives all available updated …

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What is the difference between Windows 10 on my scope and standard Windows 10?
The Windows build on Tektronix scopes is from the Long-Term Servicing Channel (LTSC), specifically Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB (Long-Term Service Branch 1607).? You can read more about the LTSC here: …

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How can I make a rectified AC Voltage measurement using a DMM?
When measuring the DC (average value) content of rectified AC, the signal must be applied to the DC input of the DMM. For the case of half-wave rectified AC, the DC content, or average, is Vpeak / PI.? As an example, a 20.6V RMS transformer is connected …

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What is a low cost test fixture to perform stable and accurate current measurements below 1nA?
Taking stable and accurate current measurements below 1nA requires a guard shield (Faraday cage) as per the below excerpt from the 6430 reference manual (Figure 1). It was desired to measure currents below 1pA. A 1T resistor was selected. The voltage used …

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How to measure four wire?resistor on the Model 3706A with a 3730 matrix card.
1. Connect resistor to row1 and row 2. 2. Row1 HI and Row2 HI to one side of resistor. 3. Row1 LO and Row2 LO to other side of resistor. 4.Close backplane channels 1911 and 1912. Press CONFIG, let go, press CHAN. Select BACKPLANE, press ENTER.Select ADD …

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Is the MDO3000 free video the same as the DPO3VID.
On our past MSO/DPO3000 Series products, we had an extended video analysis module.? Well, we have now made all that capability standard on the MDO3000. And the 500MHz models and below also have a native 75 Ohm input termination – the native impedance of …

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My scope has Windows 10 version 1607, but more recent versions have been released by Microsoft.? Can my scope be updated?
No, but there is no need to.? The Windows build on Tektronix scopes is from the Long-Term Servicing Channel (Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC). Unlike normal releases of version 1607, this release still receives security updates and support from Microsoft, and …

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How can I operate the Model 2380 in CV mode using the external analog control (EXT PRG) function?
To configure External Analog (EXT PRG) Control of the Model 2380: 1. Connect your analog control source (V-source) to the EXT PRG terminals on the rear panel 9-pin connector. A diagram can be found on page 7 of the user manual for reference. 2. From the …

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Which 2000-series scan cards for the DMM6500/Model 2000 are supported in KickStart?
KickStart only supports two scan cards for the DMM instruments (DMM6500, 2000, 2001, etc.): ? ?1. Model 2000-SCAN ? ?2. Model 2001-TCSCAN KickStart does not support: ? ?Model 2001-SCAN ? ?Model 2000-SCAN-20

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Is the 2230G-HRM Harmonic Reduction Module required in the U.S.?
No, the 2230G-HRM is not required for operation in the United States. This product is required by new European harmonic standards for use with the 2230G series power supplies to reduce line power current harmonics. The supply does not require this module …

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